Jingting He
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Cracks and Lights

Cracks and Lights



Cracks and Lights is a series of artwork about deconstruction and reconstruction. Culture shock, career change, history revision... These all lead to Jingting’s endless thinking and questioning: who are we? Where did we come from? Where are we going?


Let There Be Light

Let There Be Light is a typography design using letters’ shadows. By creating cracks on letters and fading them in shadows, Jingting wants to convey the idea that we all have wounds, although some of them are invisible like the moon during the daytime. These experiences at once break us, but also make us unique.



The Thorny Road of Honor

The Thorny Road of Honor is a desk installation project based on Jingting’s first nine weeks’ experience studying in Product of Design program. All the trash came from her discarded works. They buried her honor in the past: she was a famous Chinese poet, she was a talented aromatherapist, she was a cool drummer. But she determined to learn design from scratch. That was tough, but meaningful.



The Black Hole


The Black Hole, as the last art piece in this series, jumps out of the thinking of “myself” and concentrates more on the real world. Throughout history, the world has always been swinging between the left and the right, which may result in different kinds of hopes and fears. But they are all ephemeral. When we realize that, we will no longer fear anything. Using the AR technique by the app Augment to scan the poster, a picture showing fear on the poster will change into another picture showing hope on your cellphone screen, which is ironical, almost the same thing.