Jingting He

Music Jump

Music jump




Music can be music.

Music can also be a colorful silence.


Music Jump is an auxiliary practice tool for deaf people to learn music at the beginning by using different colors and movements. With empathy of breaking barrier for deaf people, Jingting wants to convey the idea that music is an emotion rather than a sound based on her drumming experience. This xylophone shaped music tool has a unique automaton structure, which can be a lot of fun to play with, giving deaf people interests, confidence and hope for life.


The changeable hammers are the important parts in Music Jump. By changing them to different positions, they can play different notes every time.



For this project, Jingting concentrated on the hand making process, materials and 3D structure study. She designed the accurate shape, chose different kinds of wood with harmony and contrast, cut and sanded them, step by step.