Jingting He


Blue Daydreaming



Selected from Blue Daydreaming

Published by Zall Bookstores, 2014

Awarded the 4th Xu Zhimo Award for Poetry


Jingting He’s Blue Daydreaming is the humming of this “90’s generation” girl in her abstruse, blurred and trembling thoughts. Concise and thorough, along with elasticity and tenacity, her words infuse the clarity and vitality from her heart into the expression and narration of her poetry. Blue Daydreaming has the warmth of a fairy tale, moreover, a gilded peace and anxiety.

      ——Endorsement Speech for the 4th Xu Zhimo Award for Poetry



Wind Arose


The wind arose,

And fish in the sea,

In the air they glistened.


I’ve got all the ancient coins,

I’ve got all,

All the sounds in my jar.



Like a child


The best compliment is,

I adore you.


How come I lost the shadow on my toes,

When I gazed at the tree branch behind you?





The setting sun is clearer here.

The sky is shattered here.

The wind, whereas, is intact as I am.


Hidden things live outside the body.

Refreshing air is what I’ve owned.

As silent mountains embrace me.


The wind will be as silent without the leaves.

The wind is all that can be heard here.

It’s different, wind in mountains, wind on plains.


Growth ring is like a secret here, and setting sun is like a growth ring.

I can look up,

Without worrying the wind landing on my eyes.



Songs of Grace


Around the well, she is fetching water.

Darkness is what’s in the jug.

Dares the water to open its eyes,

Cold and trembling,

Like a bird flaps its feathers in the dark,

Wait till she left, along with her fading darkness.



After the Rain


It rains, you said, let’s step on puddles,

It clears, you said, let’s step on shadows.


What’s left now?

Hedgehogs rolled the berries away.


The water that bathed those berries,

Sun took it way.

Or does it count as my dribbling memories?





Fall it is, leaves still linger in the tree,

Fall it is, stars still linger in the sky.


One, two, three, five,

I counted every time I secretly missed you.


Hazelnuts fell, one after one.

Tiny mushrooms bloomed, one after one.


Teeny startles on the loose brick,

Are beneath my heels.



Translator: Yufeng Qiu