Jingting He



This is another part of her life...

This is a product for her next start-up.


These are the early explorations for her start-up product: creating scents and diffuser forms to describe her classmates as birthday gifts.


This is another birthday gift, for a classmate who loves surfing.


This is her food experiment, looks not that successful.

But as a food blogger, she usually eats like this:


5 minutes prep breakfast.


... 5 minutes prep breakfast as lunch.


... And 5 minutes prep breakfast as dinner.



This is how she made a banana looked like an orange.


And this is how she made an orange looked like a pumpkin.


These are bacterias she cultured on a bio-art class.


... from a skeleton's teeth.


This is another bio-art project: a picture she took for a living creature


.... from a microscope.


This is the first time she made ceramics.


... Absolutely she was not lucky enough.


This is a ROCK ON sand castle she made.


After a week, she slip casted another.

(Glad her ceramic making skill got better!)


This is the drum set she used when she was a rock star.


This is her desk hack


This is the code for her geeky website, which you can never see.

As her department chair asked her to take it down. (Well...)



But coding is always the best part of her life.


This is the first anonymous thank you note she sent to her department chair Allan Chochinov.

After doing that every week for 3 month, it became her graduate thesis topic.


Maybe you want to see some of her thesis work :)