Jingting He

Time Thief Clock / Product


How might we do time management in a delightful way?

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MFA Products of Design

Fall 2016

Product Design, Coding


Time thief clock is time management tool with a delightful twist. The way it works is based on a simple equation: 59+1=60. The clock steals one second from every minute, which you can't realize. And it pays back all together at the time you set, which is 24 minutes per day that you can clearly recognize!


The first clock was designed for myself. At the first semester of design school, my life was overwhelmed by all the assignments and tasks. Everyday I got home around 1am. I even didn't have enough energy to wash my face. I tried different kinds of time management tools. They helped me to be efficient, but couldn't stop me to improve my design which consumed more time.

I was inspired by the day time saving, which doesn't exist in my home country China. What if a clock can steal a bit time from every minutes, and give back to you all at the end of the day?

Stealing Mode

Stealing Mode

Surprising Mode

Surprising Mode

I was learning Arduino at that time. So I started prototyping with an Arduino board, an LCD screen, and some wood.  The minimum viable product was a working prototype with a simply laser cut wood shape.