Jingting He

Time Thief Clock

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 Time Thief Clock



25 hours in a day? 8 days in a week? Do you want that?

But, are they realistic?


Time management is a persistent problem. Aiming at the crazy busy people, Time Thief Clock can create some spare time for them in an incredible way. By stealing a minute in every hour without people noticing, it can create 24 more minutes per day, as a bedtime gift! Sounds great?

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This product has two parts, one is a physical clock on your desk, and another is an App. They separate your time into two piles: 59 minutes go into the physical clock, and one minute goes into your App. When your clock goes faster than the real world time, the time in your App is also accumulating one minute by one minute.



At the end of the day, you can open your App, click the button, and release the time your clock created! Enjoy your life!

Want more time? Just steal two minutes in an hour! Want a nap-time in the noon? Release your time any time you want!







Want to make a Time Thief Clock by yourself? Follow me on Instructables: http://www.instructables.com/id/Time-thief-Clock/